We all want to see our children do their best, so why not to start creating the perfect space with perfect Kids Room Furniture from Woolac. Creative, functional or simple furniture for babies, kids or teens, no matter what they are this time up to. From baby beds to bunk beds, kids wardrobes, desks or lockers, the most important people in your world deserve the best what we could offer.

Kids Room Furniture


Kids Room Furniture

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Kids Room Furniture


Kids Room Bookcases

Bookstand IDUN-04

229.00 138.00

Kids Room Bed Frames

Bunk Bed SZTRMA-1B

799.00 562.00

Home Office Display Units & Bookcases

Bookcase SZTRWOW-02

249.00 143.00

Bedroom Bedside Lockers

Bedside Table SZTRIK-51

59.00 46.00

Bedroom Chests & Sideboards

Sideboard SZTRIK-12

199.00 143.00

Kids Room Bed Frames

High Bed SZTRCOB-1

749.00 462.00

Kids Room Furniture

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Kids Room Furniture

Kids Room Furniture